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Why Starting At A Small Agency Is Best For Your Career

 In Self Development

Starting your career at a small agency has extremely high value as you continue to learn and grow in your respected industry. They serve as an incubator in helping you mature as a business leader, while large agencies tend to have boundaries that hinder your growth. The personal mentoring you receive from CEO’s and VP’s at small agency easily outweighs the experience you may get at a Fortune 1000 company.

I have personally witnessed this recently as I was a summer intern at Rosica PR in the Greater New York Area. Working closely with CEO Chris Rosica and his team has helped me learn things you can’t learn in a classroom. Chris and his team had me working on things such as traditional PR, social media marketing and PR and SEO to name a few. I picked everything up quickly and started integrating them into my own projects which is the reason why Red Card Cancer and Valeira Consulting are growing at ridiculous rates. examines this philosophy more in depth. Read the entire article here.

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