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Why Never Being Satisfied Makes You The Perfect Business Leader

 In Business Development, Self Development

Entrepreneurs aren’t your average bunch. They are always taking mental journeys through various aspects of life trying to improve and redo everything they see. They always think there’s a better, more efficient way.

So, how does never being satisfied make you the perfect business leader?

The reason you’re a business leader is because you have vision. When you have a vision you have your sights set on something unique and special to yourself (and or your company). And that right there is the reason why the best entrepreneurs are never satisfied – they see something and envision it coming out perfect and won’t stop until it is indeed PERFECT.

I believe business leaders thrive on being dissatisfied and the ability to become constantly dissatisfied is the source of their success.


Never Get Comfortable

As a business owner, work never ends, especially if you are trying to create something truly special. I am never comfortable or satisfied with the way things are going, and I’m always doing everything I can to fix what seems to be broken… Even though its not. It is more of an obsession than anything… or ADHD. I just need things to be perfectly in order to operate at maximum velocity. Everything I work on represents me and my company. There’s no way in hell I want something to turn out cheesy and come full circle as it has my name attached to it – I just don’t tolerate that stuff and am very hard on myself.


Wear Many Hats

The ability to wear many hats is a must! Are you someone who can direct the creative nature of the company while turning out great products and align a national marketing strategy that goes hand-in-hand with your vision? Now don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to be the best at these things; you simply need to know how to get to that point you’re seeking – you need to know what tools are available, how to use them and the abilities of your personnel… oh and have a passion to learn new things. 


Documenting Your Thoughts

I carry a pocket sized notebook around that I’m constantly taking notes in about different strategies for services, improvements, ideas for new products, or just concepts that would make a great blog post. This little notebook is quite powerful as it often has me reaching for it and formulating thoughts for developing a better company experience.

I even spend my entire day on Sundays writing down or brainstorming things that need to improve.


Constant Drive

Week after week, month after month, year after year, I am working myself up into a virtual ”mini-frenzy” finding things that are wrong or need improvement. I am fighting a constant, ongoing battle to make sure that everything I do and am involved in is being perfected. I’m simply talking about products and creative elements in this regard. Some parts of business and relationships with people can never be perfected.  These sorts of things involve a constant oversight in which you simply monitor and try your hardest to control.



What are some other traits that make an effective and special business leader? Please share your thoughts with us.

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