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Digital Contracts and Signatures

A life science company has a standard document that is sent to all employees all over the world for internal privacy matters. In just 5 years the company saved $750,000 dollars just by switching to this new system. It cut down on postage, paper, and the actual storage maintenance of over hundreds of thousands of packets.

Here’s how VALEIRA can help:
  • Reduce the time it takes to close business deals.
  • Give you and your customers the ability to sign and share contracts from anywhere, anytime. 100% secure.
  • Take your current paper contracts and legal documents and convert them into a digital version. This works best for those contracts that you use time and time again.
  • Include text fields, check boxes, drop-down menus, and any other type of data form entry methods.
  • Encrypt the documents so a complete audit trail is maintained at all times.
  • When the signing or registration process is complete, all parties are sent a final version for their records.
  • Ability to view all your contracts from one central location at a tap of a finger.
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