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VALEIRA Launches Narration Venture; Offers An Amazing Team of Narrators For All Projects

 In Press Release - VALEIRA

VALEIRA has just announced a new venture that aims to provide cutting-edge narration and voice talent services to the world.

Narration Companies and Voice Talent Agencies

Narrations by Valeira helps individuals and corporations of all sizes align the perfect voices for their projects. Jared Ferreira, Head of Design and Marketing at VALEIRA, has always had trouble finding quality voice talent for projects. “We found ourselves going on frequent hunts for good narrators and voice artists – and always had a low success rate. So, my thought was to start our own network within VALEIRA. Then I started searching for keyword rich URLs to host a microsite for this venture and was shocked that was available. After that happened, the vision was born. We now have 30+ narrators signed up which was through invite only. I guess you can say we are now a narration company too! We’re looking forward to growing our members and being the leading voice talent agency in the U.S.”

The venture targets the following:

  • TV Commercial Audio;
  • eLearning & Training Courses Narration;
  • Radio Commercials & Podcast Narration;
  • Webinar Hosts;
  • Audio Book Narration;
  • Children’s Books Narrators;
  • On-hold Messages;
  • Movie Trailer Narrators; and
  • Infomercial Narrators.

Aside from offering these services to those who need it most, VALEIRA also makes it possible for talented voice artists to join their narrator network for just $29.99 per year. This will get them listed on the Narrators page so people searching the site have the opportunity to chose them for a project.

VALEIRA has also made it easy for clients to pay. Each client will be sent a private link to pay by credit card to make the process as quick and easy as possible. This helps cut down on production time of narrating, editing, and mastering.

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