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VALEIRA Launches Mobile Match Prep™ iPad app for Soccer World

 In Press Release - VALEIRA

About the Project

The game of soccer was the driving force that brought VALEIRA together. While in graduate school, VALEIRA founders Jared Ferreira and Paul Huckett embarked on a project in their Authoring for Mobile Devices course in the Fall of 2010. Their idea was to create the best tablet app that embodied all and any functions of a clipboard and whiteboard. The project was still gaining traction when the course came to an end so Jared and Paul decided to hand the project off to Marcus Valeriano whose expertise in coding played an integral role in the project. In the Spring of 2010, Ferreira then began to design the interface for the app while Valeriano toyed around with the functionality features such as dragging cones, rotating equipment, and importing formations. Huckett was responsible for the content of the app that’s used to further educate users.

The Challenge

After using different physical clipboards and other application similar in nature Jared, Marcus and Paul determined that although some of these were good, none were great. None of them focused on detail. The challenge was to make items on the screen somewhat to scale to allow a realistic approach to game-planning while achieving a crisp, intuitive interface that people enjoyed using.

Our Solution

Along with the objects users would be interacting with, the graphics needed to be realistic as well. Cones has to be the exact orange, goals needed to have shadows, and there needed to be field boards along the outside of the field. The field boards were to be used by VALEIRA to sell advertising space to various companies starting at $75 per month per placement. There are 20 available spaces.

The app was made using Adobe Flash and ActionScript 3.0. The user interface and wire-frames were designed with Photoshop, while the field equipment was done in Illustrator and imported as a vector image to take advantage of Retina displays.

The app was divided into six sections based on functionality:

  • Tactic Board. The Tactic Board is an area where you can add different formations ranging from 5v5 to 11v11, move players, draw movements and take notes to explain important positioning tactics specifically for your team to generate a plan to exploit the opposition.
  • Training Ground. The Training Ground was made for you to plan your training sessions and pre-game drills. Drag cones, goals, balls and other equipment around the field, then save and email the session to your players and assistant coaches so they know what’s in store for training.
  • Formations. There is always a debate as to what formation you should use against specific opponents. Our Formations section informs you of the strengths, weaknesses and strategies for each of the 11v11 formations we’ve installed within the app.
  • Player Manual. The opportunity to truly educate the soccer community was made possible in our Player Manual. Built directly into our app is a list of 25 Elements of Successful Soccer Play. Each element provides a deeper look into what you can do to make your game play successful.
  • Drills. A fully populated source that gives you a handful of drills to pick from and use at your next training session. Drill types include passing, shooting, goalkeeping, fitness, possession and other important skill sets needed to become successful. Drills are updated regularly to keep your training fresh.
  • User Guide. With all that MMP has to offer, we felt the need to create an informative user guide for you to know all the capabilities of this wonderful soccer app.

The Result

[dt_call_to_action style=”2″ background=”fancy” content_size=”normal” text_align=”left” animation=”none” line=”true” color accent:”#3ba830″ Enable]Mobile Match Prep was engineered with the focus of becoming the next generation clipboard, except with a lot more detail and better interactivity. We wanted to help inspire creativity throughout the game and provide an added dimension – and with Mobile Match Prep we did just that.
The iPad app alone has been downloaded in 40 different countries over the first year reaching the Top 10 in the Sports category in three countries.
Average User Rating on Google Play and the App store:

See It In Action (VIDEO)

[dt_fancy_image style=”3″ padding=”10″ lightbox=”true” align=”” width=”350″ margin_top=”5″ margin_bottom=”0″ margin_left=”0″ margin_right=”0″ media=”” hd_image=”” image=””]

The ultimate utility for any soccer coach, trainer, parent or player. Here’s a closer look at what Mobile Match Prep can do.

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