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VALEIRA Announces Google GLASS Training and Education Program

 In Press Release - VALEIRA

VALEIRA is pleased to announce an all new Google GLASS Training and Education initiative for their Instructional and Interactive Technologies division.

GLASS Training will aim to take organizational online learning and training to the next level.

Jared Ferreira, Co-founder of VALEIRA says, “Some of the most complex elements of our eLearning projects have to do with training that requires a hands-on approach. It’s challenging and often forces us to create simulations that are good, but not 100% authentic. Yes, we can recreate processes via graphically animated simulations that someone will have to sit and go through for something such as sticking an I.V. into a patient’s vein but with the use of GLASS we can capture images and video accompanied by audio from the doctor’s or nurse’s point of view. It’s so much more accurate and cost efficient right off the bat and provides such a personal learning experience.”

VALEIRA’s vision is to incorporate GLASS into employee training by creating comprehensive blueprints for the organization via Instructional Design.

Then on the development end of it, VALEIRA will take the captured video, audio and images and integrate them in an appealing fashion into learning modules.

“It has the ability to position these courses as some of the best learning experiences the organization can provide”, Ferreira says.

Among those VALEIRA will be targeting with GLASS Training and Education are:

  • Doctors & Nurses;
  • Healthcare Staff;
  • Dentists;
  • Surgeons;
  • Auto Mechanics;
  • Cooks and Culinary Artists;
  • Engineers;
  • Professors and Teachers;
  • Coaches and Athletes;
  • Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, & Technicians
  • And Real Estate Marketing.

Below is the information pulled from VALEIRA’s Official GLASS page:

[dt_tabs style=”3″ layout=”side”] [dt_tab title=”Doctors, Nurses, Surgeons, Staff” opened=”true”] It’s almost as if GLASS was made for those in the medical and surgery related professions. Doctors and Nurses of all kinds, all across the world, are now using GLASS to record and share simple or complex surgeries, medicine application, patient care procedures and other related tasks for education purposes.

Physicians can use voice commands (and now thanks to a recent Google update they can also wink) to take a picture. Furthermore, by using video to record consultations or surgeries scribes or coders can accurately bill after the procedure, one doctor said. Glass can show real time data-streaming of patient encounters, or allow doctors to skim through their day’s appointments and patients’ medical files.

Patients are impressed by Glass as a new technology and comment on it favorably. Only one or two patients out of a very large sample have expressed concerns about privacy, and we at VALEIRA make sure you understand everything about the technology to reassure them that you are using it in a secure manner.

If you’re a doctor, surgeon or nurse heavily involved with education and training procedures, GLASS is the best and most efficient tool to use to make it as real as possible for the learners. What better way to show highly skilled procedures than through the eyes of a pro?

[/dt_tab] [dt_tab title=”Dentists, Therapists”] Google GLASS will revolutionize the way dentists work and interact with information.

One of the biggest advantages offered by GLASS is that videos can be streamed live across the internet. Sometimes students have to be shown certain procedures but it is not possible for 10 or 20 students to gather around the patient. Using GLASS on the other hand, the doctor can not only record it, he can also show the students what is happening live through video calling via Google Hangouts.

Wearable computers such as Google Glass, while not specifically made for a particular field, have the potential to change how many industries work, train and educate.

If you’re a dentist heavily involved with education and training procedures, GLASS is the best and most efficient tool to use to make it as real as possible to the learner.

[/dt_tab] [dt_tab title=”Auto Mechanics”] While learning to be an auto mechanic in trade school, imagine if you had a program dedicated to teaching you through the eyes of a seasoned professional as they talk you through rebuilding a transmission as they’re doing it themselves. Now with our GLASS Education and Training Program all of that is possible. You now have the ability, with VALEIRA’s guidance, to build an entire training curriculum from GLASS.

It’s rumored that the auto repair industry is now taking its first steps in bringing user manuals and repair guides to GLASS to help people carry out these tasks in a step-by-step fashion.

[/dt_tab] [dt_tab title=”Cooks and Culinary Artists”] Roy Choi is a food philosopher who uses GLASS in the kitchen. Whenever he is cooking he is using GLASS to look up recipes, record new ones, take pictures of step-by-step instructions, record video, and sharing delicious pictures he takes while prepping.

Roy is the pioneer in this space and we have watched him use GLASS on countless occasions, that’s why we want to help those in the culinary field adopt this new technology to create an experience in the kitchen that is second to none. You can watch Roi’s demo below.

[dt_fancy_image style=”3″ padding=”10″ lightbox=”true” align=”” width=”250″ margin_top=”5″ margin_bottom=”0″ margin_left=”0″ margin_right=”0″ media=”” hd_image=”” image=””]

[/dt_tab] [dt_tab title=”Engineers”] It’s happening! Engineers are using GLASS and many more are converting over to the technology so their hands are free in those hectic work areas. Field engineers at water utility company, Severn Trent, use Google GLASS to record and access data and feed it back, to improve efficiency and health and safety.

With a hands free approach to record video/audio, take images, access data, send messages, and take phone calls, the engineers at Severn Trent are now safer when in the work environment allowing their hands to be free.

GLASS also comes with the option to be mounted to special sunglasses and protective glasses making this ideal for any engineer.

[/dt_tab] [dt_tab title=”Classrooms, Professors and Teachers”] We can go on and on about GLASS for classroom experiences, but, before you we go any further you need to see all the advantages in one fell swoop with this picture. Click to see it here.

Here’s a real-life story from an elementary school teacher: “I asked the students to record the information that they thought would help other students finish their challenges in a more efficient way (even possibly creating a walkthrough for others to watch). These students took multiple videos of their challenge solutions and asked to edit their videos together to create a walkthrough. These students then uploaded their answers to YouTube. I then was able to use the students 3 minute and 32 second video alongside my lesson to help guide students who were struggling with the concepts of electrical circuits. I noticed that through this method of first person walkthroughs (from a students perspective and explanation) ALL students had a better understanding and description of the topic I was trying to communicate during that class. Now I know that some educators and consumers express that this same task could have easily been done with an iPad or iPhone, but the students reveled in the experience of using Glass for the project. They also liked the ease of using this wearable device and the firsthand perspective it provided.”

[/dt_tab] [dt_tab title=”Coaches and Athletes”] We at VALEIRA know first hand the value of having GLASS on the sports fields. We’ve seen football players wear them under their helmets allowing coaches to see exactly what the Quaterback or running back is seeing. This kind of analysis gives the coaches access to their point-of-view to hear how they communicate, and more importantly to see if they are identifying the right running lanes.

Coaches are also using GLASS now to assess players in practice. In baseball, the coach, who is wearing GLASS, will stand near a player who is hitting or pitching and analyze mechanics in slow motion. We’re even seeing soccer coaches use it during training sessions to record and then send video back to the players afterwards with constructive feedback. They’re able to see anything in the foreground in HD but also take notice to how players are moving in the background.

[/dt_tab] [dt_tab title=”Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, & Technicians”] Want to teach students in your tradeschool how to replace an HVAC System? Or what about wiring an electrical component? Those hard technical tasks that one must learn are now easier concepts to grasp since everyone doesn’t have to crowd around the professors desk. GLASS makes it easier for field experts to record procedures and relay them back to the classroom setting for educational purposes, whether through video/audio, images, or even LIVE via Google Hangouts.

Procore Technologies, recently announced it is integrating its construction-management software into Google Glass. Procore says this will allow construction companies to do better planning and project management.

The company gives this example: Imagine if a project manager could virtually walk a jobsite in different states all on the same day. This would give project managers the ability to communicate, share documents, and monitor progress in real time.

[/dt_tab] [dt_tab title=”Real Estate Marketing”] Raal Estate agents are now adopting GLASS to give virtual walk-throughs of houses, either by recorded or LIVE via Google Hangouts.

We are finding this fad catch on in the fast paced city markets where people work all hours. They may not want to come to visit an agent, get shown around 3 or 4 houses in their lunch hour or set aside time at the weekend. They could however, set up a Real Time, Live viewing. They log in at the prescribed time, meet their Agent and get shown around the potential property from a point of view perspective.

Considering the busy lives that we lead, not to mention the prevalence of overseas buyers looking at the U.K. to purchase property into their investment portfolios, viewing of properties is often quite tricky. Giving them the option of live virtual viewings through Glass, or other wearable eyewear (some of which are already commercially available), is potentially a very attractive option.

[dt_fancy_image style=”3″ padding=”10″ lightbox=”true” align=”” width=”250″ margin_top=”5″ margin_bottom=”0″ margin_left=”0″ margin_right=”0″ media=”” hd_image=”” image=””]

[/dt_tab] [/dt_tabs]

VALEIRA will release more about their GLASS Training and Education initiative frequently.

Head over to to learn more and see a video of GLASS Training in action.

Contact us if you want to learn more about adopting GLASS Training and Education into your learning initiatives.

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