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Sporting NJ Soccer Academy Announces Google GLASS Initiative Designed by VALEIRA

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Sporting New Jersey Soccer Academy, a Northern NJ based soccer training company, has teamed up with VALEIRA to create a Google GLASS initiative to help their coaches and trainers better assess players in their academy. They’ve dubbed it “Project Glass”.

VALEIRA designed a comprehensive blueprint that leverages all the technology within GLASS. The plan took 32 hours to assemble, which included the formation of the plan, research and field-testing.

So, how is Sporting NJ using GLASS?

The trainers at Sporting NJ wear GLASS during practices and games and record video or take snapshots during selected times. These videos and images are uploaded to the teams page on Sporting NJ’s website for players, coaches and parents to view later on that night (or days after) to see exactly what the coach was seeing through his or her eyes. Players have been very responsive to it as it provides them rich content to reference time and time again to help them in breaking certain habits, or hearing the description of a certain drill they did but can’t quite remember all the details.

More specifically, VALEIRA’s GLASS plan helps Sporting NJ’s trainers assess the following:

  • Player positioning;
  • Strategy;
  • Strength and speed progress;
  • Tactics;
  • Team shape;
  • Technical parts of the game;
  • And what players need to work on certain parts of their game.

Sporting NJ Vice President, Gregory Pompei says, “Sometimes when we go back and look at a video we shot with GLASS we can focus on how players are functioning in the background of the video. Sometimes we’re focusing on what’s up close to us but being able to watch it all later is really helping us provide more feedback to all the players. They really are starting to buy-in to the new system.”

You can learn more specifically about Sporting NJ Soccer Academy’s Project GLASS at

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