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VALEiRA loves to reach new milestones when it comes to interactive eLearning design. With this U.S. National Guard course, VALEiRA produced a timeless piece of eLearning. The entire course development process included:

  • Daily phone calls/meetings to ensure expectations and deliverables were being met;
  • VALEiRA project managers providing clear and concise directions to designers and developers to meet client expectations;
  • Script writing/enhancements to capture better learner success;
  • Development of an interactive timeline to help learners understand the history of the U.S. National Guard;
  • A collection of resources National Guard members, trainees, and potentials have available to them;
  • Custom UI/UX design for this self-paced level 1 eLearning course;
  • Professional voice-over by our talented narrators at, a VALEiRA owned entity;
  • And lastly, graded drag & drop interactions, multiple choice, and True/False questions to test learner retention during the course.

This course is available on any web-enabled device (desktop, tablet, smartphone, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) with a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, Konqueror, Epiphany, OmniWeb, iCab & K-Meleon).

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