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New Website Launches To Endorse eLearning, Web, Marketing and Other Products

 In Press Release - VALEIRA
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VALEIRA has completed the design and development of their new website aimed to tackle multiple growing digital industries.

The website was built with a robust and intuitive content management system that has a plethora of specs that make it easy to build on to. The project took about 4 months on and off while juggling dozens of client projects. It’s available on mobile devices via responsive design which allows viewers to see things to scale and contact VALEIRA in a quick manner.

“At heart, we are an agency that focuses on designing beautiful on-screen solutions for businesses of all sizes. We started out by doing small websites in a small college town during grad school then quickly propelled to serving top medical institutions, large private organizations, and Fortune 500, and 1,000 companies. It’s great being able to carry out so many services and creating these great products for our clients. We learn something new for our digital artillery every single day – and we’re not afraid to travel into the unknown”, says VALEIRA co-founder and entrepreneur, Jared Ferreira.


  • NJ and PA based web design company that designs anything and everything for the web, tablets, mobile and beyond;
  • NJ and PA based eLearning Development company that serves clients worldwide;
  • NJ and PA based Marketing, SEO and Branding company;
  • And an NJ and PA 3D Architecture Design agency for homeowners and contractors.

VALEIRA also has two other service sectors that have been recently announced to the public:

1) VALEIRA LaunchPad™ – Helps new and aspiring businesses establish their foundation through unique branding, messaging, customer awareness, and web strategies in a cost-efficient manner. You can learn more about LaunchPad and how it can benefit young and growing businesses here.

2) GLASS Training – Using Google GLASS technologies to help deliver better point-of-view training and learning methods for Doctors, Nurses, Healthcare Staff, Dentists, Surgeons, Auto Mechanics, Cooks and Culinary Artists, Engineers, Professors and Teachers, Coaches and Athletes, Builders, Plumbers, & Electricians, and Technicians.

VALEIRA has seen their GLASS Training play a monumental role for clients by providing:

  • Hands free recording, commenting and teaching;
  • Field training experiences;
  • Safety training;
  • Point-of-View learning;
  • The ability to record now, view later on any device;
  • Greater detail during technical training;
  • The ability to build it into any learning curriculum; and
  • Awesome tech-support experiences

Learn more about VALEIRA’s Google GLASS Training and Learning initiative here.

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