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VALEIRA LaunchPad™ helps new and aspiring businesses establish their foundation through strong internal branding, messaging, customer awareness, and web strategies in a cost-efficient manner.

When we build something, we aim to do it as big as possible – and that’s what has led us to the LaunchPad™ initiative. We’ve had so much success starting several businesses and organizations that we wanted to share our wisdom and strategies with others.

We assume that a million people will stumble across your brand today, so we want to make sure we have strong attraction points to help lure customers in. Whether its a worldwide non-profit organization or a local doctors office, we strive to make you look like an industry leader. We help you establish company colors, logos, mission statements, values, print media, digital media and online strategies. We make sure that everything we do walks the straight and narrow path we’ve laid out to help your business grow as something that’s unique to the given industry.


First, we design the foundation of your brand, business, and/or products. This will be the driving force behind your company for years to come.




Your company’s mission, vision, and values need to be loud and proud. We take the time and get to know you in order to best identify the company you are and the company you want to be in the future, near and far.


Logos & Branding


We believe the visual identity of a company can outright win business. Telling your story through eye-catching marketing has always been a way for companies to uniquely brand themselves.


Tone & Messaging


A great way to boost your brand’s identity is through the projection of your brand’s tone and how you dialog to the public within your marketing materials and website. It doesn’t stop with words; it extends to imagery, graphics and many more visual queues.


Web & Social Plans


Once your brand’s blueprint is in place, it’s time to target your audiences through a custom website and unique social media game plan. We create those environments for you and aim our content strategies at those new, potential clients searching for your services and/or products.


Print Media


Brochures, Billboards, Business Cards, and other marketing material are crucial for organizations that are looking to grow. Everything we’ve done thus far comes full circle into the Print Media assets we design for you. The opportunities are endless. Ask us what we can create for you!


Competitor Analysis


When you’re exploring new ground you always want to understand how your competitors are going about business. We compile a list of competitors and generate an in-depth analysis of what they are doing to help generate business and engagement around the web.


Barriers To Entry


It’s very common to feel like you’ve hit a roadblock when building a business, especially when you’re trying to create new acquisition strategies. Using web analytics and creative/marketing observations, we identify areas – physical and digital – that you can exploit.


1 – 3 Year Plan


Your branding and marketing don’t have meaning unless you can’t bolster it with a short-term plan. With all of the brand building, data acquisition and marketing analyses, you need to begin envisioning life at your company 1, 2 and 3 years down the line.

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Then we help you implement the most effective and cost efficient web technologies out there. We even go the extra mile and train you how to you use them so you can get the very most out of your investment.



Accounting & Finance


  • Online invoicing, time tracking and expense services.
  • Quickly manage payroll and manage your business receipts for free.


Cloud Collaboration


  • Excellent and affordable cloud storage and online backup for any business.
  • Share documents and work on them at the same time via the cloud.


Customer Support


  • Streamline your customer service interface, create support boards, and streamline your response time.
  • Customer community platforms for interacting with your users, getting feedback, and providing technical support.
  • Build free surveys to conduct market research, and keep a pulse on customer desires and satisfaction.


HR Software


  • Find better talent with cross-job-board posting, resume screening and a point-based score chart to find the best candidates.
  • Run a background check on prospective employees, browse criminal records and other information to make sure you’re hiring only the best people.
  • Reward employees with one of the most comprehensive perks programs out there, which provides discounts in countless services.


Legal Services


  • Send documents to get signed online via eSignatures that is both legal and secure.
  • We have numerous business attorneys experienced with incorporating, trademark and much more.
  • Search over 6 million registered logos, names and slogans to make sure your name or idea isn’t taken.


Marketing Tools


  • Email marketing made simple with an easy-to-use collection of newsletter templates, as well as the ability to customize your own design.
  • This all-in-one inbound marketing software facilitates SEO blogging tips, lead nurturing, marketing automation and more.
  • A keyword tool for comparing the SEM tactics of your competitors, so that you can meet equal success in your online advertising and SEO campaigns.


Operations Software


  • For the international businessperson, create a private social network for your contacts to collaborate virtually, share files, and spread knowledge.
  • Excellent and affordable cloud storage and online backup for any business.
  • Efficient collaboration tools that allow you to organize your projects (completed, pending and in-progress) into simplified boards.


Online Meeting Tools


  • Great for hosting meetings online of all sizes. Just send invitations via email.
  • Share your desktop for unforgettable sales presentations. You can show PowerPoints and PDFs seamlessly and even share documents directly in the meeting.
  • Create face-to-face meetings over the web as well!
  • Brand your meeting to help keep your identity front and center.

Payment Solutions


  • Easy-to-use mobile payment solutions for those on-the-go. Just swipe, sign, and accept.
  • Sell products online to create a 24/7 moneymaking machine.
  • A platform for selling your goods on multiple e-Commerce channels, including Amazon, eBay, Facebook and more.
  • For any business that offers subscription or recurring billing, we provide a simple solution for getting this done.

Project Management


  • 360-degree view of your complete sales cycle and pipeline. Identify trends, spot opportunities, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.
  • Define sales territories based on customer or market characteristics. Set targets and monitor sales performance.
  • On a plane, at a remote location or travelling by car? Receive instant email notifications relevant to your sales activities.

Sales Management


  • A sales management solution specifically tailored to turn leads into conversion, and track your performance so you can easily improve your sales.
  • Organize notes, tasks, and email conversations for up to 30,000 customers, leads, partners and contacts.
  • Create professional and clean client proposals in just minutes, and get a certified client signature when they approve.


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