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Build a Monster Company Using These Relentless Strategies

 In Business Development, Self Development

We live in a world where information flies through the internet at unobservable speeds due to its openness, and the scary thing is that it’s only going to get ‘more open’ as web technologies evolve.

One of the primary reasons for corporations to keep information private is to ensure that their competitors do not gain an advantage over them. Revealing innovative secrets is a guaranteed formula for business failure. Business competition can be viewed as warfare – although it might seem a bit harsh, it’s still a reality.

One of the definitive books on thinking of warfare as a model for business is The Art of War written by Sun Tzu. This book describes six different principals which coincide very well to businesses.

  1. The first is to capture your market without destroying it, otherwise you have won nothing. My company right now is about to roll out some new business strategies that will grab a very large chunk of a given industry that I will not mention.
  2. The second is to attack a competitorís weak points not their strengths. This is a waste of your own company’s resources because even if you win, you could have done so without the unnecessary expenditure.
  3. The third is to maximize your business intelligence by using knowledge of your competitor. Knowing your opponent means understanding why they make their decisions. This allows you to exploit their weaknesses.
  4. The fourth is to be ready to overcome the competition and to use speed and a relentless will that leaves you feeling sorry for nobody. He who hesitates is lost.
  5. The fifth is to use your alliances to force the competition to conform to your will.
  6. Finally, the sixth is to be a good leader in your own organization to maximize the potential of your own employees.

Another classic text on warfare that influences business practices is On War written by Carl Von Clausewitz. His concepts on the fog of war, uncertainty, and constantly adapting to a changing environment are taught throughout the business world. Since you can never be totally certain what your opponent will do, you must be flexible with your own strategies and tactics to adapt to new environments.

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