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How Social Media Helped Save Our Economy

 In Social Media

Social media has no doubt helped businesses forge their way back into the groove of advertising, marketing and PR. We can attribute much of its success to the growth in this so called digital agewe are in. Social media proved to work best in Old Spice’s summer 2010 campaign. With it’s viral video ads on YouTube, Tweets and Facebook posts sales increased 107% in June and July. The video proved to be more viral in its first 24 hours than the maniac who threw his shoes at President Bush (4.4 million views) and also President Obama’s victory speech (4.8 million views).

The video, which was titled The Man Your Man Could Smell Like paved the way for over 65 million views for commercials that the “Old Spice Guy” starred in… and that was only YouTube alone.

As we eximine the Old Spice Ad blitz further I realized what went into it and what came out of it. As I brainstormed, here’s what I realized about this particular campaign.
– Incentives, coupons, buying impulse.
– Several hosts to create online buzz. For example someone may stumble across something on Twitter and repost it to their Facebook.
– Help drive in store traffic which lead to purchasing of products not related to Old Spice.
– Each person has on average 3 email addresses. This allows businesses to reach out more extensively if the message is missed the first two times.
– Syndication between different social hosts. One can tweet your facebook/ blog messages and vice versa so the word is spread out amongst more people.
– More bang for your advertising buck.
– Peer influence within social media. If one friend posts a status about their new X product, that opinion lingers in the mind of the reader and could influence future purchase decisions.
– People themselves are posting info on products to profiles and blogs especially producing a very influential group of observers.
– An increased use of social media due to increase of mobile gadgets with network capabilities.

It’s pretty safe to say things used to be picked up on from word of mouth. With Social Media today and what it will become tomorrow and into the future lets just say it takes a violent shove to WORLD OF MOUTH.

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