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At VALEiRA, our eLearning solutions are crafted to keep your learning audience engaged from start to finish while maintaining a high retention level. Our heavy emphasis on each stage of the ADDIE model has provided many clients with stunning, impactful courses.

Our Process

IDuring this initial consultation we aim to understand the purpose, goals, target audience and expectations of the project.

AThis is where we analyze the contents and context of the training material and make key determinations of how we design our instruction and interfaces.

DThe design phase is where we start crafting the digital atmosphere concentrating on the aesthetic mission of the project combined with functionality, usability, content and multimedia.

DWe then start with developing the user interfaces and user experience Then we develop the functionality of the training material along with assessments, activities and multimedia elements.

IThe implementation phase calls for putting the project into a LIVE environment. We perform this phase using two core steps: 1) Test/prepare the environment and, 2) Support.

EOur evaluations are done through a top-down, outside-in approach. We thoroughly review and assess the aesthetic, content and calls to action of the product and ensure browser and LMS compatibility.



Our eLearning Courses Are Developed With


… and more!

What our eLearning Consists of:

  • Compliance Training
  • Certification Systems/Courses
  • Gamification
  • 3D Learning Solutions
  • New Product Training
  • Software Simulations
  • Instructional Design
  • Scenario-based Training
  • Interaction Design

  • Safety Training
  • Sales Training
  • Employee Training
  • Simulations Mobile
  • Learning Assessment Development
  • Custom Template Design
  • Avatar Design
  • Multimedia Development

Turn Your eLearning Into A Money Maker

You Provide Us The Content, We Take It From There


Quality course content is hard to come by, therefore it deserves the opportunity to prosper. We setup all payments and recurring charges for students that go directly into a bank account of your choice.

Full Control

A friendly admin area located in the back-end to help instructors take full control of their course content and learning environments. As a course or school moderator, this is exactly what you need.

Badges & Certs

Learners need motivation, that’s why we integrate badges for each course that’s conquered. Learners are then presented certifications with their names when the system identifies them as a passing member.


Having no technological barriers for learning is a must. Everyone possess different devices in all sorts of sizes, so its our job to design friendly experiences for any and every connected device.


Assessing the learner’s ability to retain content throughout a course is the reason why you embark on a distance learning project in the first place.


No need to have somebody online at all times. The system sends you scheduled reports on the progress of learners, revenue, message alerts, and much more!


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