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25+ YouTube Marketing Tips

 In Marketing, Social Media

As my company is approaching the launch of our mobile apps we are starting to formulate a national marketing campaign. On the top of our list  is pay-per-click ads via YouTube. The reason why I’m choosing YouTube over Google right now is because it seems people tend to just hangout on YouTube for minutes and sometimes hours at a time. Now this is my personal opinion but I notice YouTube viewers have a higher alert level than any other website on the internet since they are interacting with videos and other visuals. Google is great but people tend to move rather quickly in and out of searches not paying much attention to certain areas of the site, so those pay per click ads don’t get much exposure and ROI.

As  I researched some ways we can utilize YouTube to the mix I stumbled across a few sites that had some information I had to archive for future use and share with you all.

YouTube Marketing Tips and Strategies

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8 Simple Tips for your YouTube Ad Campaign

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