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1 New Management and Communication Technique Influenced By The Digital Age

 In Business Development, Self Development, Social Media

The digital age has been pumping out online communities and social media channels by the day it seems. With this surge in technology, many are starting to simplify their ways of communication so why shouldn’t we streamline our ways of managing? Honestly, is it really all that effective to have employees write weekly reports on their progress? I understand that bosses want to know every single detail of what’s going on but things such as weekly reports can take a hike.

What if you started to demand progress updates that are to be no longer than 140 characters? A Twitter like message that has a world full of information packed into 2 or 3 brief sentences.

I’m in love with this idea because, as a director of 5 growing projects, my time is super-valuable. Just think of the time you can save if you receive progress updates from employees, partners or interns via email that are no more than 140 characters. You could even read these on your phone when you’re on the go.

Occasionally, people spend 5 minutes to draft a 3-sentence email. Do 12 of those a day that’s an hour of time wasted. I absolutely hate spending time doing certain tasks that hold a more effective alternative.

 Time is precious. Time is money. Time is limited.

With that said, what if we tackled the following topics in the manner I suggested above- using no more than 140 characters to communicate to people in your company – virtually or physically.

Here’s an example in real time:

I’m a young employee reporting to my manager who asks for a typed report on the below topics once a week. You get three points to jot down for each topic. Each one cannot exceed 140 characters – company rules.


  1. Finally figured out how we can compile a mass analytics report straight from Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
  2. Got to sit in on a meeting with members of XYZ Foundation. What an intelligent bunch of people. I learned a lot about Cause Marketing.
  3. Paul inspired me to start a blog of my own about core strength training. I see blogging as a public journal. If people read, GR8! If not, oh well.


What are you working on?

  1. I just finished the web analytics report for ABC Company. Their viewership rose by 13% this month with an 11% less bounce rate.
  2. This week I’m starting to optimize ABC Company’s website. I’ll be doing on and off-site optimization. Next week I plan to optimize their SM channels.
  3. Also, I will be starting on the digital book conversion for Dr. Nelson. First will be for iOS via iAuthor then ePub via InD.

What do you need?

  1. If You or Marcus have about 15 minutes tomorrow or Friday I want to show you the new layout I created for client analytics reporting.
  2. Are we upgrading to CS5.5? This will help us produce mobile websites more quickly with the new authoring tool for JQuery Mobile they include in DW.


What are you worried about?

  1. Keeping up with all these industry trends and digital social tools. It seems SEO is always changing. How do we ensure we are 100% current?
  2. The digital book publishing for Dr. Nelson will be the first time I used iAuthor and InDesign.

So how easy was that??? You pretty much just got the low-down of an intern who used to write a 1-2 page report every week (and put me to sleep). Not only is it easier for them but also the manager. Key points appear directly on the page and each one has the ability to be focused on independently. This isn’t a form of laziness; it’s just another way to be efficient.

Wait? So why 140 characters? Well, Twitter is a network that relies heavily on mobile usage, and quite frankly we all do today. Sure, you can send and receive tweets on your computer, but a huge drawback of Twitter in the early days was its ability to be accessed from mobile devices. And since the worldwide standard length of SMS (or text messages on phones) is 160-characters, the founders of Twitter thought it would be wise to stay within those bounds so as not to inundate people’s phones with 3 or 4 staggered, delayed, or even partially missing 4-part messages. 140-characters was chosen as a good length, leaving 20 characters for the username of the sender. This way, anyone receiving a tweet via SMS would get the whole tweet in a single text message, with nothing spilling over into a second or third message that pops up minutes later.

Warning: Never use this method on a client or new partner, obviously.

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