Web Design & Development

At VALEiRA, it’s not just ‘designing a website’ — it’s designing and developing crafty brand interactions that helps you win the hearts and wallets of your existing & potential customers. Our clients all have different goals and our job is to zoom-in on every detail of those goals and develop a full-scale plan to maximize engagement in the very short timeframe they are on your site.

Web Design & Development

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Clean & Crisp

Our design follows very strict guidelines to be clean and user friendly. We want to get the point across without providing information overload.

Digital Artistry

Our designers and developers work side-by-side to achieve unique design and functionality for your busy web environment.

Enticing Visuals

Our designers spend countless hours creating just the right imagery to play perfectly to people’s emotions and perceptions.

NJ Website Development in Sparta, NJ


We create 1 website that adapts to all screen sizes, smartphone types, operating systems and browsers. Try it yourself with our website right now – just drag the edge of the screen inward to make the browser screen skinnier and see how it responds to different screen sizes.

Building Your Brand

You’ve worked so hard to get where you are today – and we couldn’t be more honored to help you reach the next levels with what we create.

Focused On Your ROI

From the day we begin your project to the day we launch, your organization gains value – both monetary and perceptual.

Wordpress development NJ
Specializing in Custom WordPress Development

1 out of every 4 websites being launched today are with WordPress. Our custom WordPress development takes the system to a whole new level for our clients. Custom widgets, plugins, online stores – we do it all via the WordPress CMS.


Websites can be confusing. We’ve seen it all; from the way general information is laid out or just the way the core structure of the site is engineered. So how do we go about making your site user friendly? We determine the most important “calls to action” and design the site around them to help your users attain certain information when they need it by one simple click of the mouse.

Built For Search

Where do a majority of website visits come from? Most likely the answer is search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. One of the most important things we do behind the scenes is build your site with a search engine optimization framework. This gives you immense flexibility moving forward with different marketing campaigns. It’s truly a luxury.


A well developed website goes beyond what you see on the World Wide Web. Many clients ask us: Will we be able to update and make changes to the site ourselves? The answer is: Yes, of course. We construct a back-end system that allows you to securely login to a content management system from anywhere and make those changes at the click of a mouse. We even offer instructional how-to videos to help update the more complex sections of the site.