Instructional Design

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Defining your desired learning outcome becomes the foundation in which we build, deploy, and scale educational products at VALEIRA.

We want your learners to be happy and enjoy participating in the education offered. We will work with you to create a learning program that is polished from start to finish and leave a long lasting impression on anybody that participates.

Instructional Design process

Effective learning solutions begin with designing the proper instructional components that take into account the pace and tone at which instruction is given and how its is absorbed and retained.

Applying effective instructional design principles can enhance your educational experience by ensuring that the course objectives are being met with engaging, interactive, and meaningful content, learning activities, and assessment items.

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Instructional Design FlowchartOur Instructional Design Process

  • Perform thorough analysis of learners, content, context and task.

  • Align course learning objectives, with meaningful learning activities and assessments.

  • Provide effective teaching strategies to best teach/facilitate the course.

  • Identify technologies that can enhance the engagement and interaction among learners.

  • Review content and offer expert advice on how content may be improved.

  • Build your course in an effective learning environment.

  • Evaluate success of course.